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Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and mental processes. Because of travel, migration, technological advances, and globalization, psychologists use theory and research to observe, describe, explain, and predict any given behavior or behavioral patterns that take place in various settings. No other field challenges the individual`s analytic abilities as directly as psychology because it requires human knowledge and training to understand another human`s behavior. The Psychology Department has organized its courses and experiences to develop student mastery of the concepts, theory, and methods of psychology. This undergraduate program prepares the students for graduate level after graduation or to seek for employment in all the relevant field that requires psychological knowledge and skills.The Department of Psychology has well qualified and seasoned academicians from various part or the world that are committed in using their vast experience to impact world class knowledge to our students. The department is accredited by the Turkish and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Education boards.

If anyone is interested in the human mind, you are in the right place. Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and mental processes. Psychology is all about human and animal behavior and their guiding principles. Majoring in psychology will allow for you to explore the behavior of people and how their minds work and apply it to the modern world. The goal of psychology is to understand, describe, explain, control, predict and improve behaviors. Our scientific approach to understanding human behavior equips students with a solid foundation of analytical, research and clinical skills for careers in many fields with a human service emphasis and to pursue graduate studies in various biological, forensic and social sciences.

Upon successful completion of this program (240 ECTS, 123 semester credit hours ), the student will be awarded Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Though most students enroll for graduate programs after completion of Bachelor of Science in Psychology , but a psychology degree provide a good platform for entry levels in various works of life such as : Human Services Careers, Human Resource manager, Business administration, Law enforcement and corrections, Advertising Agents, Child Care Worker, Market Researcher etc.

The goal of psychology is to understand, describe, explain, control, predict and improve behaviors. Our courses are designed to achieve this goals, using psychological perspectives, such as developmental, cognitive, physiological, environmental, cross-cultural, and psychopathological, serve as foundations for individual courses. These courses become analytical tools in the study of complex psychological issues and allow you to develop an understanding of both research and practitioner approaches to the field, as well as acquiring first-hand experience that helps you to develop the kind of understanding and empathy that characterizes the competent professional in psychology. Our students have a wide variety of psychology courses from which to choose, but additional experiences and opportunities are available beyond the classroom. Upon completion of two years the program is divide into two, Research track and Professional track, for students to choose and focus on the area they wish. Our objectives are to :
1- equip the students with basic skills of critical and scientific thinking, research in addition to the fundamental ethical principles.
2- develop a strong research background and understanding of the scientific foundation of psychology.
3- develop a knowledge base of human behavior across all areas of psychology.
4- become aware of the applications of psychology in the professions associated with psychology.
5- interpret the impact of behavioral and mental functions in clinical or organizational services.


Our department is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human behavior as it relates to various fields in psychology. We train our students to be able to work as teachers, counselors, evaluators and researchers clinicians in all works of life by cultivating mastery of skills in the areas of human development and behavior, learning theory and research and evaluation methods and ethical practices. To achieve our aim we employ different teaching and assessment methods. The traditional classroom methods are combined with both lab. and field work to for effective teaching methods and quality learning. Technological platforms such as the e-learning module provide interacting avenues for instructors and students. It is used for the following activities

-Assignment submission
-Discussion forum
-Files download
-Moodle instant messages
-Online calendar
-Online news and announcement (College and course level)
-Online quiz
The student also have acces to the library datbase for various reasech activities.

Graduation require students to succesfully complete (240 ECTS, 123 semester credit hours ),supervised internship with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 . Graduation is conferred by the University Senate upon the recommendation of the Faculties.
The Diplomas are prepared by the Registrar`s Office, and indicate the name of the Program, the date of graduation, and the degree obtained.

Last Update: 10/07/2017

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