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Founded in 1979, the department of Chinese Language and Literature in the Faculty of Humanities at Girne American aims to enable the students to acquire, through their

studies, a specialized knowledge and expertise of Chinese culture, literature, history, and related subjects, enhance their intellectual creativity and critical thinking, develop

their research capacity and skills, and upgrade their oral and written fluency in Chinese. Upon completing the undergraduate program, graduates are expected to:

Be able to study and acquire the knowledge, competence and skills to conduct interdisciplinary research on Chinese literature and culture

Be able to apply literary, critical, historical and linguistic approaches to textual analysis.

Be able to comparatively apply their knowledge of Chinese Literature and Culture to other Western Cultures and Literatures as well as Turkish Culture and Literature.

Be able to utilize analytic strategies during the process of freethinking and incorporate the results in critical and creative processes to generate new ideas and projects

Be able to provide the students with necessary background and information relating to the scientific research, literary analysis and criticism.

Be able to make use of the knowledge and skills they have obtained in awareness of their professional and ethical responsibilities.

This is a first cycle degree program in Chinese Literature and Language (240 ECTS).
On successful completion of the Chinese Literature and Language and gain competencies, a student will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Chinese Language and
Literature .

Graduates of chinese Language and Literature department have a wide range of career opportunities as follows:

-They can be academicians professors at universities

-Chinese Instructor at the universities and Chinese teacher at Primary and Secondary Schools.

-They can become translators in the private and public sectors and they can find jobs in the areas of international companies, embassies, government offices, banks.

-They can work in the media, newspaper or television networks, cinema sector, journalism and advertising.

-They can also find jobs in the areas of tourism, public relations and human resources.

Once new students come to the program, students are given one-year preparatory Chinese education (Foundation Chinese) that is is compulsary. Once this one-year

preparatory class completed, they can then continue from the first grade on.

The courses in the program of Chinese Language and Literature are designed to endow the students with advanced Chinese language skills and knowledge of Chinese

literature, together with the ability to make critical and sophisticated interpretations of texts and to produce written texts of high quality, to develop their critical thinking and

analysis abilities. In so doing, the department first provides the students with a general knowledge regarding each period of Chinese literature with its important authors and

their works. Moreover, the department also teaches literary movements and recent literary theories.

The following program educational objectives are career and professional accomplishments that our graduates are expected to achieve after graduation:

Our graduates will,

1.use their strong communication and organizational skills interculturally to complete successfully for professional careers as well as further academic pursuits, social

development and personal satisfaction.

2.read, interpret and evaluate the literary texts as the aesthetic works of the cultural production and change fields by comprehending critical and theoretical approaches

towards literature, arts and language studies.

3.conduct purposeful analysis of discourse, including discussion of the history, forms, and conventions of the different literary periods and genres, and analyze works of

poetry, fiction and drama by demonstrating knowledge of critical techniques and terminology.

4.translate the texts from Chinese to Turkish and from Turkish to Chinese by developing effective translation methods and strategies for different text types and to earn the

competence for translation in the other fields that require expertise.

5.make an in-depth analysis of mythology and Classic insights that form a base for Chinese Culture; in addition, perceive and assess those events which influenced the

Chinese History.

6.read literary works with understanding of their background, structure and meanings to get detailed information on the periods and comprehend Chinese Literature based

on the history and intellectual background.

An undergraduate student is entitled to graduate if s/he satisfactorily completes all required courses, oral presentations and written assignments, attains a sum of credit-

hours amounting to at least the minimum required for graduation, has a CGPA of 2.00 or above and is financially of good standing.

Graduation is conferred by the University Senate upon the recommendation of the Faculties.

The Diplomas are prepared by the Registrar`s Office, and indicate the name of the Program, the date of graduation, and the degree obtained.

Last Update: 12/07/2017

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