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The aim of Occupational Therapy degree programme is to generate occupational therapists who approach people holistically, is person-centered, can apply ergotherapeutic evaluations and treatment interventions, can facilitate independence and enhanced life-quality in individuals through meaningful and targeted activities and support their involvement with the society, possess problem solving skills and can think creatively.

Graduates of the 4-year Occupational Therapy degree programme will receive the title of "Occupational Therapist" or "Ergotherapist".

Graduates of Occupational Therapy Programme, will have job opportunities in the following areas: Public and Private Healthcare organizations, organizations which offer any kind of protective, rehabilitative, treatment services, centres offering consultancy and educational services, care and educational centres for children and elderly, healthcare units of businesses, centres of care and educational services for the disabled, home care services.

Department of Occupational Therapy will be cooperating with the other departments proposed within the Faculty of Health Sciences. This cooperation will be in the format of offering common courses, option of taking electives from other departments and working together on health education and common projects.
Our programme shows higher similarity to the programme at Hacettepe Üniversitesi. Different elective courses and new courses have been included in our proposal in order to benefit from the wealth of elective courses at our university and to meet our educational targets.

For each course, both theoretical and practical assessment methods will be applied and definitive evaluation will be made by using the letter grading system. Successful completion of a course and graduation will be determined by evaluation of the relevant courses and internships in the defined manner.
The students will self-evaluate as soon as they start the programme and will be observed by an advisor. The observation results will be evaluated by compiling the students' semester-based feedback, the lecturers' feedback and feedback from the internship supervisors. The programme will thus be evaluated and the necessary reviews will be made continuously in this manner. On graduation, 'graduate satisfaction questionnaire' will be applied and an additional evaluation will be facilitated in this way.
Our students will benefit from the cooperation of our university with societies for the disabled and people with related health issues and the special units of these organizations, elderly care centres, public and private healthcare organizations.

The students are required to successfully complete the compulsory and elective courses during four years of their education in order to be able to graduate. In addition, they are required to undertake two summer internships for duration of 10 working days each.

Last Update: 09/08/2017

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