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Beslenme ve Diyetetik


The aim of the GAU Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is to instruct experts will's identity ready to establish, create and keep up the vital frameworks to straightforwardly impact the nutrition and health of people and the overall population.

The department aims to give graduates who are capable in the hypothesis and ideas of nourishment; who are fit for putting into practice their insight in the fields of well-being, instruction, and the working environment; who will guarantee that a consciousness of the need for sufficient and adjusted sustenance in well-being upkeep and improvement alongside the treatment of diseases is taught all through in people and all through the general public.

The Nutrition and Dietetics degree provides graduates a wide variety of career oppotunities. Graduates interested in an academic career can continue post-graduate education in universities at home and abroad. Graduates in Nutrition and Dietetics can find employment in hospitals, health centers, geriatric centers, rehabilitation centers, centers for social activities, public health and workplace health centers, weght control and fitness programs, other special groups like woman,infants & children, related departments in private schools and corporations, and organizations in the sector of wholesale nutrition. Also graduates can counsel people of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and level of education.

Graduates exhibit effective written and oral relational abilities.
Graduates exhibit basic intuition abilities adressing nutrition issues.
" Graduates exhibit the learning, morals, and specialized abilities expected to succed in nutrition related fields and post-graduate studies.
" Graduates exhibit social capability collaborating with different populations.
" Graduates exhibit the capacity to work adequately as a feature of a problem-solving team.

Last Update: 10/08/2017

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